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Who I Am & What I Do

I am a fierce advocate, a quick wit, and a believer in second chances.


I am a skilled criminal defence lawyer. I have the right balance of life experience and formal schooling to be realistic about the real problems people face and ways to solve them.  I am aware of how quickly life gets complicated, and I know how to bring a client's reality before the court in a meaningful way.

I act as Tenant Duty Counsel at the Landlord and Tenant Board, providing free legal advice to Tenants who do not have their own lawyer or paralegal. This work is possible through a contract with Legal Assistance Windsor (LAW), coordinated by the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario and partly-funded by Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). I also act as private counsel for Tenants or Landlords before the Landlord & Tenant Board in limited situations.

I advocate for social and legal progress for queer rights; how sexual assault cases are handled by the police and criminal law system; and the dismantling of racism across our legal systems. I also help people who are reporting domestic violence and sexual assault -- women, trans people, and men alike -- to make statements, access services, explain processes, and handle follow-up with the police and Crown.

I work with my clients to act as a guide in a very complicated process so that they can get back to their lives. By listening to my clients -- especially if their charges are related to discrimination, and how the charges impacts their lives -- I can present their realities to the court and create a path towards just and equitable results. 


Access to justice should be available to everyone.



11 - 380 Victoria Ave
Windsor, ON  N9A 4M6



Office: (226) 783-1919

Fax: (519) 340-2059

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