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Criminal Defence

A conviction or guilty plea can have negative impacts on many areas of your life, such as choosing a career, child custody arrangements, being able to travel, or your ability to have a driver's license, to name a few. You should not have to face these types of consequences alone. You should have someone in your corner, giving you informed legal advice and advocating for you.

Let me serve as your advocate to help you handle conflict with the criminal law. I handle a range of charges including mischief, DUI, all types of assault, break and enter, and drug charges. I serve both adult and youth clients. 

You do not have to face reporting domestic violence or sexual assault alone. I offer lower-cost services to people reporting these crimes. I give a realistic overview of the process;  timelines;  pros & cons of criminal charges vs. suing in civil court; assist with reporting and medical documentation; and can follow-up with the police on progress with an investigation, if asked to.


Survivors of abuse should not get a criminal record for defending themselves. I also help defend against assault charges that stem from self-defence against an abuser. Pleading guilty can create problems with child custody, future jobs, and even crossing the border. You do not have to face all of that alone. I can help.

Money should not determine who gets justice. People with Legal Aid certificates are welcome. I will work with clients to make my legal services affordable if Legal Aid is denied. 

Despite best intentions, justice is not blind. My advocacy recognizes that people often face prejudices based on race, sexual orientation, gender, trans identity, cognitive and physical abilities, and income. I work to highlight these realities for the courts and strive for fair and just results for my clients.


Access to justice should be available to everyone.



11 - 380 Victoria Ave

Windsor ON, N9A 4M6



Office: (226) 783-1919: (22:§) 783-1919

Fax: (519) 340-2059

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