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Landlord and Tenant Board

Your home is a place that you are meant to be secure. When problems arise and go to the Landlord and Tenant Board -- whether brought by you or your landlord -- it can be upsetting, confusing, and intimidating to figure out what steps to take next.


I offer affordable legal services -- limited scope or full representation -- to people who appear before the Landlord and Tenant Board. I can do limited tasks, such as helping to complete replies, fill in forms, file papers, and/or explain what evidence can and cannot be used in a hearing (limited scope). I can also work on your matter from beginning to end and represent you at the hearing before the Board (full representation).


I also act as Tenant Duty Counsel on a contract basis for Legal Assistance Windsor (LAW). Tenants who do not have access to legal advice can meet with me to get free legal advice before their mediation and/or hearing on the day of their hearing. Since June 2020, all Landlord and Tenant Board hearings will be online, via Zoom. Tenants can sign up for Tenant Duty Counsel before your hearing at:

Unfortunately Legal Aid does not provide certificates to help people fight evictions. I will do my best to tailor my rates for legal services to the facts of each scenario.

Despite best intentions, justice is not blind. My advocacy recognizes that people often face prejudices based on race, sexual orientation, gender, trans identity, cognitive and physical abilities, and income. I work to highlight these realities and strive to get fair and just results for my clients.


Access to justice should be available to everyone.



11 - 380 Victoria Ave
Windsor, ON  N9A 4M6



Office: (226) 783-1919

Fax: (519) 340-2059ax

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